Jockey Thinks Tim Tebow is the New ‘McHottie’

For everyone who is still doubting Tim Tebow’s skill on the field has a new question to ask themselves, is Tebow the newest ‘sex symbol’? Well at least Jockey thinks so. On Monday Jockey unveiled their latest ad campaign for the Jockey "Sport" underwear collection on their website donning a shirtless Tim Tebow, trying to push the Bronco’s QB to be the company’s newest ‘hottie’. The image shows a chiseled Tebow sitting in a shadow wearing his jockey underwear. It seems that Tebow is appealing to both men and women mentions the CMO, Dustin Cohn of Jockey. The so-called "Tebow Effect" is driving up sales of Jockey's men's and women's underwear products. He has been a "lightning rod" for the brand. "Its very exciting for us. He is the hottest athlete in the country today. He's trending among elite celebrity status," Cohn says. A few months ago, Jockey aired a TV commercial in which Tebow was seen shirtless. It was only a brief moment, but that's what everyone ended up talking about, Cohn recalled. I’m sure that it is good for business and marketing, but I’m just not buying Tim Tebow as the newest ‘McHottie’. Yes the ad is nice and has a touch of class with the shadowing, but Tebow having the same effect on Jockey that Michael Jordan has done Hanes is going to be a far stretch. We’ll see… Your J.G.F., Marcelle English

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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