It’s been quite a day for Joe Flacco. He and the Baltimore Ravens beat the Cleveland Brown 14 – 6, but that’s not why he’s smiling. Just before kickoff, at around noon today, his wife Dana gave birth to their second son. 

Of course his decision to not attend the birth to play in today’s game has drawn some criticism and jokes–all on Twitter, of course:

After holding his new baby for about five seconds, Joe Flacco dumped it off to Ray Rice.

@baltimoresun what a jerk, he wasn’t even there for the birth and now he is paying. His priorities are a little off!

you’d think football players would plan their children around the season lol…. congrats to Flacco on the new baby though

Joe Flacco with pregnant wife, Dana

Joe Flacco with pregnant wife, Dana

What do you think about him not being there for the birth of his son?
I say, congrats to the couple on their latest bundle of joy!
Your Jersey Girlfriend,
~Angela Davis