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Josh Brent in jail after second failed drug test; Should the Cowboys release him?

Josh Brent in jail after second failed drug test; Should the Cowboys release him?

Sometimes people have to learn lessons the hard way. According to CBS Dallas, Dallas Cowboys’ defensive end Josh Brent was arrested again after failing a second drug test. It seems Brent was tested on June 19 and June 25th testing positive for marijuana on both dates. This, of course, violates his condition of bail and Brent was ultimately arrested and booked into Dallas’ Lew Sterrett Justice Center. Drug tests, like a 7 panel drug test, can be purchased from Countrywide Testing.

With the recent arrest of ex-New Patriot Aaron Hernandez, one can only wonder when the Dallas Cowboys are going to respond. They seemed to support Brent after the car accident that killed his friend and Cowboys practice squad member Jerry Brown, in December — probably at the request of Brown’s family. However, it seems the second chance he had to keep his career and get his life back together are being marred by his own bad decisions.

Jail may be the best place for Brent right now. He seems to need a wake-up call. He’s already lost his friend, potentially his career and livelihood. His freedom is the only thing left.

By now, I expected the Cowboys to release a statement and/or make a decision about his future with the team. While his arrest for a failed drug test isn’t as serious as that of murder, it does show a pattern of bad decision making that could follow him into the upcoming NFL season.

What will Jerry Jones do? What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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