Josh Freeman is now a Viking; Was this a good deal?

We posed the question last week about the best place for Josh Freeman and it seems to be up north in "cold country". Josh Freeman has signed a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings worth about $3 million. The question is, who gets the big win out of this deal? For Josh Freeman, he gets a nice landing spot. Christian Ponder is out with fractured rib and has been a bit inconsistent. This $3 million deal, along with the approximately $6.2 million stilled owed to him from the Bucs makes this a $10 million week for him. Plus he gets to continue to prove himself. He's sitting pretty from where I'm sitting. For the Vikings this could be a good cushion. With Ponder out and Matt Cassel still uncertain, Freeman could prove to be a good investment. Freeman won't be starting, though. With Cassel having a nice start leading the Vikings to a win against the Steelers, I'm sure he'll be in place for now, but you never know in the NFL. Any given Sunday can bring its own surprises.  Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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