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Judge Moves Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Visitation to Florida After Arrest

After the Father’s Day incident that landed Siovaughn Funches-Wade, the ex wife of Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade, in jail, a Cook County judge gives her a dose of reality.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Associate Judge Helaine Leslie Berger ruled that Siovaughn must move her scheduled visits with the boys from Chicago to Miami, where Dwyane lives. This move is a direct result of her violating the visitation agreement, then on top of that refusing to hand the kids over to Dwyane’s sister when she came to pick them up, which resulted in her arrest.

The judge also gave very strict instructions that she is to not talk about the incident with the children. “Read my lips on this — you tell the kids: ‘I got arrested, your dad got me arrested’ … I take away your visitation. The children should not be in the middle of this.”

Michael Haber, the attorney for Funches-Wade, said the entire incident has been blown out of proportion because of Wade’s celebrity status.

“It was a misunderstanding,” Haber said.

I just don’t know about that being a misunderstanding. You refuse to hand your kids over and then you try to evade police, that’s not a misunderstanding that’s just plan crazy.

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