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Judge Tells T.O. ‘Your NFL career is over’

When will athletes and celebrities learn that no one can escape the court system, no matter how many touchdowns you’ve made or how many years you’ve been in the league? If that wasn’t apparent to T.O. before, it is now.

Yesterday Terrell Ownes was in L.A. County Superior Court asking Judge Marc Marmaro to reduce his child support payments in 2 of his 4 ongoing paternity cases, because he’s broke with no job. T.O.’s attorney stepped up to even clarify even more that his client is a man without a team and therefore a man without a paycheck.

Now Judge Marmaro is no football anaylyst but gives a little advice by telling T.O. his prospects for a comeback are bleak.

Judge Marmaro said, “His NFL career seems to be over. I mean no disrespect.”

T.O. seemed to have agreed by nodding his head in acknowledgment to the Judge.

And get this…the judge apparently felt sorry for Terrell because he proceeded to tell him Kurt Warner’s story of going from an Arena League player to a Super Bowl champ, since there’s been so much buzz about Terrell being picked up by various arena teams.

As for reducing his child support the judge wants to think on that before making a decision.

Like Angela Davis, wrote in her blog, T.O. is someone that we’ve got to leave in 2011…this craziness cannot continue on.

Your J.G.F.,

Marcelle English

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