Ladies, if you’re looking for basketball, romance and hotties all rolled into one great movie, then you have got to go check out the new movie, in theaters today, Just Wright. I don’t know if you’ve been living under a rock or haven’t seen the trailer on the Jersey Girl website, don’t fret,  I’m going to bring you up to speed, well…sort of without giving the movie away.

Leslie Wright, played by Queen Latifah, befriends and falls in love NBA All-Star Scott McKnight, played by Common. Wright is a physical therapist who helps an injured McKnight get back on the court before the New Jersey Nets play-off run. Perfect love story so far, right? Well until Paula Patton, who’s married to Robin Thicke in real life, who plays Morgan, Wright’s gorgeous, childhood friend who is only  looking for all of the fame and fortune that comes with being a Basketball player’s wife; trust me she is the stereotypical gold-digger. Where have I heard that one before VH1? But, once McKnight meets Morgan it seems that Leslie Wright is out of the picture, or so she though. The more money and time Morgan spends shopping on McKnight’s dime, the more she falls in love with the fame and glitz of her new found future, until the unthinkable happens when McKnight has a career-threatening injury and Wright is hired to help him get back on the court. I could go on, but like I said I don’t want to give away to movie.

If you love a good romantic comedy, then you are sure to be entertained and walk away feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. The cast is full of recognizable faces like Pam Grier, Phylicia Rashad, James Pickens Jr. (who plays the Chief on ABC’s Gray’s Anatomy), and TONS of real-life NBA stars like Dwayne Wade and Dwight Howard. Jersey Girls this is a great date night movie, where your S.O. won’t feel as though you’re making him sit through an hour and a half of ‘mushy love stuff’. Again the movie hits theaters today, make sure you go check it out and let me know what you think.

Until next time…

Your J.G.F.