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Kansas Jayhawks basketball players named in federal drug case

Kansas Jayhawks basketball players named in federal drug case

* Associated Press

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Nearly 3 dozen people were indicted in a federal drug ring case that supplied over $17 million worth of “high-grade” drugs to customers, including marijuana to members of last year’s University of Kansas basketball team.

Assistant U.S. attorney Terra Moorhead said one of the defendants, a 32-year-old Overland Park man, supplied marijuana to multiple members of the Jayhawks’ 2010-11 basketball squad. The school declined to comment on the case but did make a statement saying that all freshman and new transfer students are requirted to take drug testing in a “within a reasonable amount of time” after arriving on campus. All teams that qualify for postseason play also may be subject to testing.

O.K. what is a “reasonable amount of time”–after the squad has been picked and put together? How about random drug testing as a part of the orientation for student athletes? How about instead of being “subject to testing” they actually be tested?!

This is a sad day for Kansas and especially for the players who, if the allegations are true, will have dramatically affected their lives. More than ever colleges and universities are being held accountable to their standards and/or lack thereof. No student’s life is greater than a sporting program….no matter how much money it brings to the school.

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