The second race of the Triple Crown is this weekend and the favorite to win, California Chrome, seems ready despite reports of throat problems. According to USA Today Sports, it’s been disclose that:

California Chrome had done some coughing and had what his handlers described as a small throat blister. He is being treated with glycerin throat wash.

“Well, you know sometimes they get a little scratch with throat blisters, and it’s not a big deal,” said 77-year-old California Chrome trainer Art Sherman, who tromped through the mud to watch his horse gallop a day before Saturday’s Triple Crown race.

According to other horse trainers, this is normal for horses and should not be a cause for alarm or worry.

Bill “Bronco Billy” Gowan, trainer for Preakness challenger Ride On Curlin, reacted similarly.

“Shoot, my horse coughs every morning. It’s no big deal. Maybe he had a little hay in his throat,” said Gowan.

Apparently California Chrome had a similar situation before the Derby.

“It’s just something like, horses do have it. If you scope a lot of horses after race, you’re going to see all kind of little stuff going on,” said Sherman.

“None of them are really perfect. … You’ll see dirt down their throats. … It could be even the feed. Sometimes they don’t digest it really well, and it’s a different form of feed. a lot of horses will eat their straw, and maybe there’s a little kernel or two that kind of gets caught in their throat.”

California Chrome is a 3-5 favorite to win the Preakness, the second race in the Triple Crown. The Belmont Stakes are June 7th. The Preakness race is Saturday, May 17th at 4:30pm.

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