All the latest posts, blogs and social media hype surrounding Arizona Cardinals player Kerry Rhodes has been around his former assistant and alleged lover, Russell “Hollywood” Simpson.

Rhodes and Jackson (right)

Rhodes and Simpson (right)

Simpson claims he has been Rhodes lover for several years, and makes a strong statement about critics who say he’s “outing” Rhodes. Here’s a statement according to Baller Alert:

“First and foremost, you can’t make sure that I don’t say anything else because I’m going to say whatever the f*** I want to say. If you don’t like what I have to say then you should just chop my tongue off and give me a new one. And when I get a new one, I’m gonna talk then too. The only way you can keep me from talking is to throw me in the damn river and I can assure you that won’t happen. I may be gay but I’m still a boy and I can go with the best of them.”


“Only way I’m going to stop talking is if I’m dead or I’m in the river. And if he throw me in the river, I can swim so he would have to kill me and then throw me in the river. If he just throws me in the river, I’m going to come out, hair wet and all, and ready to continue to talk about him. We all know that he can swim because he swum when he was in me, boo.”


“It was definitely [already] out just nobody was talking about it. The football players that played for Arizona have talked about it. It’s been talked about. I’m not ‘outing’ Kerry, Kerry outed himself when he was asked a question and he responded. The people who are saying I’m outing him should be happy if you’re a girl. If you run into him, now you know he likes boys so you won’t be playing yourself. I’m helping you b**** at the end of the day, if you think about it. I’m not outing Kerry. I’m helping the little groupies standing outside the gate. Thing about it, I wasn’t the little girl standing outside the gate, I was the girl inside the gate, getting in the truck with him with my red bottoms on.”

OK. This is just WAY too much drama! Of course, Rhodes whose ex-lovers and/or girlfriends include Claudia Jordan, Eva Pigford and Melyssa Ford, to name a few, is denying the allegations suggesting Simpson is lying. Simpson then releases alleged text messages of an exchange between him and Rhodes:

Alleged text messages between Rhodes and Simpson

Alleged text messages between Rhodes and Simpson

The truth is that it doesn’t really  matter if Rhodes is gay or not. At the end of the day NFL fans don’t care or care to know. We want teams to win games. Who they “lay and play” with before and after is none of our concern. Kerry Rhodes will have to deal with his “truth” whatever that may be via legal recourse to make Simpson shut-up or just not respond and hope that his drama goes away.

Either way Simpson is a scorned ex-lover. He’s doing more damage to himself in the long-run.

What do you think?

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~Angela Davis