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Kobe Bryant Has The Answer To Getting New Twitter Followers

Kobe Bryant Has The Answer To Getting New Twitter Followers

Since the Lakers’ Superstar Kobe Bryant has lots of time on his hands these days due to his second injury of the season, I guess figuring out ways to get new followers on his Twitter account is on the agenda.

On Saturday, Kobe announced via Twitter (of course!)  that a “new system was coming” to the over four million people who follow him. Kobe deleted all of the people who he was following and is starting over. On Twitter his plan to decide who follows moving forward is now left up to the fans. That’s right the fans will now determine who Kobe follows on Twitter.

Then on Instgram Kobe posted a picture of a snake with a birth in his mouth. The bird resembles that of the bird in the Twiiter logo and marketing. The Instagram caption however was able to shed a little light on why Kobe is doing this and how the new system will work.


New twitter system. YOU are in charge of building our community. I will pick the first 5 to follow. They will then dm me who to follow next (1xperson) at the end of the week. We add the next five and then THEY will do the same at weeks end.. I’m capping it at 500 then I will reset and start over again #keepitfresh#BSFollowsuggestionwillgetuMUTOMBOED . I will reset tonight and pick my first 5 community leaders in the am #beglobal #beentertaining #besmart #dontbully #havefun #lakernation#mambaarmy #2manyhashtags mamba out.

Really Kobe, is this how you spend your time these days?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Marcelle English

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