Well it’s finally over — the divorce, that is. Former NFL quarterback and current NFL analyst and radio host Kordell Stewart has settled the terms of his divorce to his estranged wife Real Housewives of Atlanta  star Porsha Stewart.

According to TMZ.com, Kordell got what he said he would get and Porsha will not get

  • the house
  • NFL retirement funds
  • Health insurance
  • Cash.

Plus, she has to pay her own credit card balances. 

So what does Porsha actually get? Well, she gets to keep the stuff she has:

  • her clothes, jewelry, car
  • engagement ring
  • $19K to cover her attorney’s fees.

So, basically she gets to keep all the stuff he shipped back to her. He gets to keep all his houses, land, companies, cars and his cash.

Wow…that didn’t work out to well for Porsha. I guess the judge didn’t see her as a “victim”, and I’m sure being on the show didn’t help either. By the way, the rumor is she’s about to be cut from the show too.

In the meantime, Kordell’s lawyer’s phone is probably ringing off the hook now from pro-athletes who are getting a divorce.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend, 

~Angela Davis