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L.A. judge rules Darren Sharper will remain in jail — for now

L.A. judge rules Darren Sharper will remain in jail — for now

It’s a fast downhill slide for Darren Sharper.  Today a judge ruled that Sharper, who’s been in a Los Angeles jail, will stay there due to the serious nature of the charges against him.


According to

Sharper’s attorneys requested at the hearing that he be held under house arrest if Arizona – where Sharper is under indictment for two rapes – is not going to extradite him, but Superior Court Judge Renee Korn rejected the request. A Los Angeles prosecutor said Arizona does plan to seek extradition.


Sharper, 38, has been in jail for nearly a month after surrendering to authorities in Los Angeles on Feb. 27. He turned himself in that day because authorities in New Orleans issued a warrant for his arrest – a warrant that accused him of raping two women there last September. His attorneys argued in Los Angeles that he could not be held in jail indefinitely, especially after he already posted the required $1 million in bail on Feb. 20.

It’s amazing how fast a person’s life can change. One day Darren Sharper was a super-sexy analyst on the NFL network, and then the next day he was an accused rapist with cases in five states. 

As of right now, Louisiana has not formally charged Sharper with rape, but Arizona has:

On March 11, a grand jury in Maricopa County, Ariz., handed down an indictment against Sharper for allegedly drugging and raping two other women there in November. It was a non-bondable indictment, giving Korn a reason to keep Sharper locked up.


Arizona authorities said they would wait their turn to prosecute him after the California case is decided.


“In the meantime, we are preparing to have a warrant issued from our jurisdiction in order to ensure he remains in custody until we have the opportunity to have him returned to face charges in Arizona,” said Jerry Cobb, spokesman for the district attorney’s office in Maricopa County.

The other states are still investigating Sharper, so this nightmare doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.

I’m still so very bothered by this story. Sharper, who by all accounts had a very successful post-NFL career, has descended into a dark place no one was prepared for. He denies all charges, but he has a hard road ahead of him to say the least.

With multiple charges against him and some pending, this just looks bad. 

Really, really bad. 

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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