Lakers’ Kobe Bryant Christmas Day Hits and Missess

Kobe may have fouled out with the fur scarf, but he definitely rocked the court with a 34 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 block performance in the Lakers 100-94 win over the Knicks. The Lakers are now at .500 extending their win streak to five games, thanks in part to Kobe’s aggressive, old school style of play. He currently leads the league in scoring averaging over 30 points per game. For those who doubted the “Black Mamba” and thought that he may need to take a back seat in order for his Lakers teammates to develop and build a winning team, they might want to re-think their position. Kobe is still playing and competing at a high level and his competitiveness and "will to win" may be just what the Lakers need to take them through another tough season with the upstart OK Thunder and another run at the playoffs and NBA Championship. But the next time he reaches for something with fur….somebody block him or hire him a stylist; I'm sure PETA has crossed him off of their Christmas Card list. How do you rate Kobe's look JGS Fam? Your Jersey Girlfriend, Tatia Harris

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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