It’s a season of change for the Lakers and the addition of Steve Nash to the team signifies their commitment to bring back the glory of the NBA’s winningest championship team. Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash was acquired in a sign-and-trade deal from the Phoenix Suns — for three years, $25 Million.

It’s an understood assumption that the Lakers will make it to the playoffs and at least to the conference championships. So when they failed to beat Oklahoma City, we knew changes would be coming in the post season. This latest acquisition is sure to bring the Lakers back into championship contention. Rumor had it that he was headed to the  Toronto Raptors for a considerably larger amount of money, but that clearly is not his mission. Nash wants a ring. He is arguably a better guard than Chris Paul who was the choice last season, and Steve Nash comes with playoff experience and the ability to deliver under pressure. So what else —no, WHO else is in the works? Dwight Howard? Hmmmmm…..

Whatever the plan, it seems the Lakers is looking to build a team that gets them back in the championship fold.

Still, for now, the Miami Heat remain the team to beat.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis