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Lala is not bothered by ‘Cheerios’ comment; Looks lovely hanging out in NYC

Lala is not bothered by ‘Cheerios’ comment; Looks lovely hanging out in NYC

Strutting around in her Givenchy boots and fabulous handbag, La La Vasquez-Anthony seems to be o.k. despite being the center of the Melo-drama following the confrontation between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett after Garnett allegedly said that La La “tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios”.


The reality TV star seems to be taking it all in stride in her recent tweet alluding to the mayhem.


Depsite her seemingly tough skin regarding the Cheerios, when it comes to her marriage, something in the milk ain’t clean.

La La Vasquez, is now reportedly the estranged wife of NY Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony. The two are rumored to be living separately, though they both say that is not true hinting that there are no issues in their marriage. Sources close to the couple say different.

According to one who talked to the Huffington Post:

“She’s been living in L.A. while Carmelo has been in New York,” a source said. “La La used to go out to the games and wanted to be seen … Now she’s always off doing her own thing.”

So what that exactly means, we’re not sure. What we do know is that Lala isn’t like other NBA wives. She truly IS doing her own thing. She continuing her filming of her reality show ‘La La’s Full Court Life,’ in London, New York and L.A and is also doing auditions in L.A. Let’s not forget that La La is also a mother and the son she has with her husband Melo,always requires her full attention.

Lala and son

I hope that their marriage is not in trouble. Divorce just seems too easy these days and it would be nice to see a high profile sports couple doing it right–and that means getting through the rough times.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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