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Lamar Odom Could Be Heading Back To Cali

Is Lamar Odom Heading Back to Cali and the team that started it all for him?

Now that the NBA season is over, many players are looking to take their talents elsewhere, and Lamar Odom is one of those players whose talents could take him back to the California that he loves so much.

Not so fast…I’m not talking about him heading back to the Lakers but to the other NBA team in Los Angeles, the LA Clippers.

A source close to Odom stated, “Lamar’s agent is in talks with the Clippers. He and Khloe are thrilled that he’ll be returning to the team and that they will get to stay in LA and be close to their families.”

The source also reported that, “Lamar wants to return to Los Angeles and the Clippers want him. They just need to work out finances and contractual issues. Khloe wants to be near her own family when she and Lamar start their family and this new job for him will make all that happen so easily. She was happy to move to Dallas and would move anywhere for Lamar, but having him on a team in Los Angeles is a dream come true.”

As a sixth man Odom gets it done, but all of the newfound celebrity with the new reality-show wife and their reality show on E! Lamar has totally lost focus on the one thing that got him where he is today. Emotions where high when Odom was traded to Dallas, but his poor performance and attitude was nothing shy of disrespectful not only to the Mavericks but to the city and their fans. If Odom does head to the Clippers I hope he puts that attitude in check.

Odom began his NBA career when he was drafted 4th overall to the Los Angeles Clippers in 1999 and played there until heading to Miami in 2003, then to the Lakers.

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