Lamar Odom hoping for redemption via Olympics

It seems Lamar Odom is hoping for a chance to get back on the court in London. Apparently the now D-leaguer wants back in—starting with the Olympics. Since his tearful departure from the Mavericks, Odom has been working out and conditioning for a possible spot on the team. A source reportedly close to Odom claimed, throwing in praise for his “top-notch” renewed cardio and conditioning,  ” The other players had to play an entire season. He obviously didn’t, so he will be a benefit if he is accepted on the team because he is looking incredible. He is eager to show the coaching staff that he is a brand-new person, and very healthy and ready.”

A brand-new person? This must be referring to his attitude and mental state more than his physical state.  Odom’s less-than-adult departure from the Mavericks looked more like a temper tantrum than a disagreement. That bad display coupled with his lack of performance and ridiculous antics on Khloe and Lamar left a sour taste in the mouths of not only the public, but players and management alike. Getting added to the Olympic team is a nice PR move that could help him get back to the NBA. Besides it’s not like there are many choices left. Many of the top players are hurt. Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, and Chris Bosh are all top picks who’ll likely be spectators in London rather than participants.

That’s good news for Odom, who is hoping to redeem himself. London is a good place to start. Nothing says, “I’m back” like a gold medal.

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~Angela Davis

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