Lamar Odom Won’t Get Any of Mavericks Playoffs Money

In a player vote on Sunday, the Dallas Mavericks players have decided that former teammate Lamar Odom will not see any of the bonus money that players receive when making it to the playoffs.

The amount that Odom is said to be missing out on is around $14,000.

“If the Lamar thing would have worked out and if he would have played like the year before when he was the best sixth man, I think we would have had a shot,” Dirk Nowitzki said of going deeper in the playoffs. “It would have given us another playmaker, another guy that’s long, that can defend and rebound.”

Odom got to the Mavs by way of a trade from the Los Angeles Lakers after the lockout ended.

Not really sure why this was even up for discussion since Odom has not be a contributor to the team for months.  Odom got to the Mavs and really didn’t make any type of contribution with his sour puss attitude as if he was the first player in NBA history to be traded to another team. Who knows, that might have been Odom’s last opportunity to play ball in the USA because teams realize that he’s not that much of an impact player.

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