You can take the man off the “Tour” but you can’t take the ‘Tour” out of the man–at least for now.

In the latest jab seemingly against the USADA, Lance Armstrong tweeted a pic of himself lounging on a sofa surrounded by his Tour de France jerseys–all seven of them. The picture accompanied a message which read,  “Back in Austin and just layin’ around … “

This pic seems to a spit in the face to the International Cycling Union which stripped from him his titles along with the USADA which also served Armstrong with a lifetime ban from cycling. His 2000 Olympic bronze medal is now under investigation by the USADA who may force him to return the medals.

Even with taking the titles, the medals and the erasing the record–Armstrong is holding strong to his his pride. 

That may be all he has left.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


  1. The bottom line here is this man never got caught when it counted at game time and the Punks over at USADA can bluster all they want AFTER THE FACT! It matters not! For here are a few facts you cant wipe out of reality!

    He is the greatest bicyclist EVER

    He won the tour 7 times.

    He did so AFTER surviving testicular cancer.

    His personal example of fortitude inspired a WORLD!

    Unless you can personally finish a Tour, you need to jut STFU!


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