LaVar Ball’s home burglarized while he attends sons’ game

by Angela Davis/@jerseygirlsport LaVar Ball. By now it's a name we're all tired of hearing. Actually, we're a bit tired of hearing his mouth. After his claims that he could have dominated NBA legend Michael Jordan in his prime, he went on to brag about his sons. He then went on...and on....and on and we're all kind of over it. Well, according to TMZ Sports, while he was at his son's basketball game,  burglars decided to hit up his home.
from Around 8 p.m., neighbors heard a crash coming from the Ball house and called police. When the cops arrived, they found the Ball’s belongings piled in the middle of a room, but nothing had been taken. The working theory is that the thieves broke in, gathered what they were going to take but ended up getting chased off by the police, whose quick response saved the Ball family from losing their stuff.
Adding insult to injury, his sons LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball lost their game. That's what I call a bad day. Let's hope this incident calms him down for a while, so he can focus on what's important. His son's games! Unfortunately, right now, that appears to be a beef with Charles Barkley. 

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