Savannah Brinson is a young mother, and in two months she will get married to the biggest name in the NBA and she had a girls’ weekend in Las Vegas fit for a queen…literally!¬†

Savannah¬†celebrated her pre-nuptials with a bachelorette party weekend in Las Vegas with her friends. The pics below show all the fun she had partying with her ‘besties’ who will no doubt be her bridesmaids. Even the hotel guests got in on the action in celebration with a sign for the future “queen”.

Savannah shows off the good fruit!

Savannah shows off the good fruit!


Queen_james Savannah_cake Savannah_club Savannah_going_out


It looks like she had an amazing weekend with her friends and I hope the smiles continue in her marriage.

We love LOVE!

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis