Well if you’ve been living under a rock, I can honestly say that watching the free agency antics of LeBron James traveling from team to team is like a pimp looking for his next “employees” has without a doubt been entertaining.  

Before the free agency period started you had owners like Mark Cuban get slapped with a $100,000 fine for just talking about his desire to have LeBron play for his Dallas Mavericks.  Then you had players like Dwayne Wade (still of the Miami Heat) putting together a ‘free agency summit’ with various top free agents coming together to discuss their plan of attack. Unfortunately those plans fizzled when players took a real hard look at what they could be possibly giving up when partnering with others on their same level if not higher; the mean green…MONEY!

So when free agency started last week no one had a busier schedule than LeBron James. The big light hype of Kobe winning another championship is but a distant memory, as James’ meets with team after team after team to see which one best suites his quest of getting a ring.

On day one James meets with the New Jersey Nets, which brought out minority owner and rapper Jay-Z to help seal the deal. Maybe if Beyonce had made an appearance James would be a Net as we speak. Then it was on to the Knicks. Which I hear is many people’s personal favorite. Some say that he has already made his decision after being spotted looking at apartments in Manhattan. This choice has brought out celebrities like Chris Rock and Ivanka Trump, daughter of “The Donald”, twitting and creating You Tube videos lobbying for LeBron to become a Knick. Day two came with a lot less fanfare as he visited with the LA Clippers and the Miami Heat. Now I wonder if James goes to the Heat would D Wade stay put. Something to think about. Then day three came with final meeting between his current team, the Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls.

After all of this I was expecting a mid-day press conference to hear the announcement of where the King will reign next. Well many of you that have covered sports or just plain fans would have probably expected the same thing. But NOOOOOOOO!

On Tuesday, the NBA’s most prized free agent opened a Twitter account using the handle @kingjames posting his first twit not really giving us any real clear direction on where he might land. His first twit garnered 167,000 followers by 9 p.m. ET on the same day. His message, “Hello World, the Real King James is in the Building.”

As I heard the news, I thought ‘what an innovative way to announce your new team’, by social media, then all that came to a halt, when I learned that James is planning to announce the team with which he will sign during a one-hour special on ESPN Thursday night. WHAT! Are you serious?!?!

It seems that ESPN would only confirm that active discussions for the special are ongoing. But sources say that representatives for James contacted the network, proposing that James makes his announcement during a 9 p.m. ET special. Those sources said that James’ representatives requested they be allowed to sell sponsorship for the one-hour special, with the proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and that ESPN agreed to the proposal but had not been told what James has decided.


So let’s recap kids…6 teams in 3 days; 167,000 Twitter followers in half a day; now a prime special to announce his next move.  With all the athletes that have their own reality TV shows, to making moves on Dancing with the Stars, to the various jail appearances that many have been featured in, James has taken the celebrity star power of being an athlete to a new level.

I can’t wait to see the next set of twist and turns of James adaptation of ‘The Yong and the Restless’.