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LeBron James’ Mother Settles With Valet After 2011 Incident

LeBron James’ Mother Settles With Valet After 2011 Incident

Off with the old and on with the new! Gloria James, mother of Miami Heat superstar LeBron James, has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought against her by a valet that she slapped at Miami’s Fontainbleau in April 2011.

James was allegedly angry at the slow speed of  valet Rock Feller Sorel (gotta love the name!) in bringing her car. She faced charges of battery and drunk and disorderly behavior.

The settlement comes days before. January 7th court date that threatened to be nasty and embarrassing for both LeBron and Miami Heat charity director Steve Stowe. Stowe reportedly was able to have Gloria James released to his custody rather than go to jail. Also at issue was proof that Mama James has performed 20 hours of community service. She was offered the pre-trial diversion but missed two court ordered mediations.

This isn’t the first time Gloria has made headlines; she has had run-ins with law enforcement in Ohio- as well as the  infamous Celtics- Cavs  game when Gloria was ready to mix it up on the court after LeBron was fouled by Paul Pierce.

LeBron James has handled himself with the utmost integrity and is building a brand based on his immense talent and character. Other than “The Decision” in which he announced he was going to play for the Miami Heat in a television special, he has not made any missteps.

Mama James should take a page from her son’s book on how to carry yourself with class and let the “perks” of being the mother of a superstar be relegated to VIP seats at Championship games and not getting bailed out of trouble. We all have a cousin Ray-Ray on probation, or a play-sister Peaches who is a little rough around the edges who can get you the hook-up on whatever you need, or Uncle Junebug who embarrasses you at the family cook-out, but you never want “that relative” to be your mother.

Word is that LeBron’s publicists are still working on a statement regarding this latest incident.

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Tatia Harris

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