There’s been alot of talk about whether or not LeBron James could play football and join the ranks of a small group of elite athletes who could be effective in two professional sports. Maybe–but in the meantime he’s taking his talents to Hollywood. He’s creating a scripted sitcom for Starz network called “Survivor’s Remorse”

According to Yahoo!Sports:

…childhood friend/business partner Maverick Carter and TV producer/Fenway Sports Group chairman Tom Werner in developing a half-hour comedy program for the cable network Starz.

According to the Starz press release:

The show, titled “Survivor’s Remorse,” will follow two friends who find success — one in the NBA, one in the business world — and “explore the complexity, comedy and drama of an experience that everyone reads about, but few understand — what truly happens when you make it out,” 

Through a combination of God-given talent and north Philly grit, Cam Calloway and Reggie Vaughn have achieved fame and fortune that neither could have imagined growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. But success comes with its own challenges, and the cousins and confidantes wrestle with the rewards of money, stardom, love, and occasionally, the guilt of having “made it.”


“We are incredibly excited at Starz to work with such a deep bench of talented storytellers to develop ‘Survivor’s Remorse,'” said [Starz Chief Executive Officer Chris] Albrecht. “Everyone involved brings something unique to the table — from Tom Werner’s legendary television success to LeBron’s extraordinary life experiences and point of view. We hope that ‘Survivor’s Remorse’ will bring the humor, pain and complexity of these characters to life in a way that is honest and compelling for audiences worldwide.”


The show is in the VERY early stages with production yet to start. It will have some perspective and parallels from the lives and experiences of Carter and James, but if you’re looking for LeBron James to step in front of the camera, think again.

“LeBron is actually too famous, he would screw the show up if I tried to make a show about him.”

I agree with that. I do think the story line of two kids who made it out of  challenging circumstances makes for good television. James says, he can relate to that:

“For Maverick and I even to be where we are right now, given where we came from, is kind of hard to believe. I felt like it was a story that needed to be told, and nobody can craft a story like Tom Werner.”

If you don’t know who Tom Werner is, you definitely know his work. He’s the genius behind hit sitcoms, “The Cosby Show,” “Roseanne,” “A Different World,” “Grace Under Fire,” “3rd Rock from the Sun” and “That ’70s Show.” Knowing this, I think this show has a solid chance. 

I think television needs more good scripted television.

What do you think? Will you watch the show?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis