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LeBron James To Be NBA MVP for Fourth Time

LeBron James To Be NBA MVP for Fourth Time

After leaving Cleveland, LeBron James knew that he was going to always have something to prove. Winning his first championship ring last season with the Heat, James is still showing the naysayers that he is one of the best in the league.

According sources, LeBron James will be named the 2012-13 NBA MVP for the fourth time in five seasons. The official announcement is supposed to be made tomorrow, with the presentation maybe Monday night right before the Heat’s second round playoff game against either the Nets or the Bulls.

“I absolutely have not even thought about it,” James said earlier this week of winning his fourth award. “I have not thought about it, until you just brought it up. I know the history. It would be a unique, unbelievable class I would be a part of, so we’ll see.”

The Heat have had an exciting season this year, with the undefeated run and an overall amazing team dynamic.

“I don’t know who else you’d vote for,” Heat forward Chris Bosh said Friday. “No offense to everybody else, but that’s just how good he has played this year.”

Bosh is right; who else would they vote for. No other player had the type of season that James has had. His level of play is unmatched and going into the second round of playoff games, it’s going to continue to be amazing to watch him play.

Here are just some fun facts about the NBA MVP Award…

James is the fifth player in NBA history to win four MVPs; joining Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (six), Michael Jordan (five), Bill Russell (five) and Wilt Chamberlain (four). At 28, James is a year younger than Abdul-Jabbar and Russell, three years younger than Chamberlain and five younger than Jordan were when they won their fourth MVPs. (courtesy of USA Today)

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