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LeBron: King Of the Rings — (plural?)

LeBron: King Of the Rings — (plural?)

Marvel Comics and ESPN have partnered to create a new comic book LeBron: King of the Rings. According to ESPN it’s “an epic tale of zombies, clones, holograms, bionics and a star who will stop at nothing to fulfill his promise.”

What promise? Well, a couple of years ago LeBron said he would win seven NBA titles and in the spirit of that promise this comic has been created. So far he’s only achieve one of the seven.

Is this a little over zealous? Maybe, but let’s face it, LeBron is a marketing, branding and product powerhouse, and this comic book is just another opportunity to capitalize on it.

Who knows if LeBron will win seven NBA titles; it really doesn’t matter. Marvel Comics makes it fun to read about it.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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