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Leftwich Out – Steelers Searching For a QB

Leftwich Out – Steelers Searching For a QB

As if the ugly prison break uniforms weren’t bad enough…. Now the Pittsburgh Steelers struggling with life after Big Ben are desperate for a quarterback.

In a storyline straight out of ”Days of Our Lives”….or should I say ”Another Day, Another Quarterback” The back up quarterback Byron Leftwich fractured two ribs and injured his shoulder in Sunday’s game against the Ravens. In pain for most of the Raven’s game, Leftwich is not expected to play next week against the Cleveland Browns.

If you will recall Leftwich is replacing star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who is also suffering from a shoulder and life threatening rib injury.

Third string quarterback Charlie ”Yes I’m still playing football” Batch is anticipated to start in the Steeler;s next game against the Cleveland Browns. Batch may be sufficient to win against the hapless Browns- he started a game last year in place of an injured Roethlisberger and led the team to a victory, but the Steelers have to be considering some roster changes to make room for a young, healthy long -term quaterback.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen is reporting that Steeler’s doctors are predicting that Big Ben will out for at least three weeks.

How ’bout it Jersey Girl Fam? Who do you think the Steelers will call?  Vince Young? Donovan McNabb?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

Tatia Harris

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