Let’s be clear, kneeling during the anthem is about justice and racial inequality not about the flag or veterans

by Angela Davis|@ladyadavis |@jerseygirlsport Sports fam, we've all been inundated with sports news the past week about the flag, kneeling and 'patriotism'. Last night Green Bay Packers fans chanted 'USA' during the national anthem, and more and more people are divided about this issue. As more stories come out about what the President is saying about NFL players who protest during the anthem and what fans have to say or do in response, we need to ensure the message is not lost. This protest is about injustice and racial inequality. This isn't about the flag or veterans. It's not about disresepcting the flag or not honoring veterans for their service. That lie continues to be the response from people who would rather focus on the method instead of the message which is that injustice and racial inequality will be called out and will not be tolerated. Fans who are boycotting the NFL in response to #45's (that's what I'm calling him) ignorant rant should take all that anger and focus and deal with the issues of racism and injustice. What they'll argue instead is that because kneeling disrespects the flag and vets they aren't watching football. That's good, because lower ratings will make the NFL take a solid position one way or the other, right?? Well, no actually. They don't really have to. That's called FREEDOM! Besides, our soldier don't fight to protect the flag, they fight to protect the constitution. You know that big document that guarantees FREEDOM. Yeah, that. In the meantime, people will continue to be mad and now boycott because players are kneeling. It should be noted that players were kneeling all last season, but it's only when directed by '45' that the 'fans' decided not to watch any more games. Interesting... Let's bottom line this: Kneeling is about calling out the sick and sad normal of racial inequality and injustice. If we are true 'patriots' we are not afraid to call the country out on her errors and in the ways she doesn't live up to her creed. If we are true patriots we care for our fellow man. We care about the things they care about, and at the very least, have compassion. Forced patriotism is nationalism, and that's not the freedom this country stands on. Stand or take a knee. It's your right to do so.

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