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Like Father, Like Daughter: Ochocinco’s Daughter Gets Suspended For Sassing Teacher


Ochocinco posted on his Facebook and Twitter page:

“My daughter was just suspended from school this morning for a day for a slick comment I don’t think is worthy of a suspension. You decide:
Teacher: Why are you late?
My daughter: Why does it matter? you still get paid, right?

Ochocinco seems to think this foolishness is not worthy of a suspension, but a detention, and I’m almost inclined to agree–except–

There is no way in Hades you can make me believe this little girl, who’s so quick with her tongue did not have an attitude to match it. Couple that with what I’m sure are other incidences of rude, disrespectful, entitled behavior and you have the recipe for suspension.

Meanwhile, Ochocinco and his daughter are tweeting about what happened:

What’s even more ridiculous is purposely taking this to the public in social media!

What about the teachers?

I am not a teacher, but from the stories I hear, this little girl is typical of the disrespectful, self-entitled behavior of many children today. Even worse, are the parents who often side with the child and reinforce the bad behavior.

What’s not in his post is what he said to his daughter or how he feels about what she said. He’s more focused on the punishment rather than the crime.

Typical…but not surprising.

His Facebook post before this one stated:

There’s nothing worse than auto-correct while sexting and hitting send before you can fix it, “I can already feel my duck in your puppy”

Considering this is what her father posts on his Facebook page, is it any wonder she’s the way she is?

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis



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