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Lolo Jones won’t get sanctioned by USBSF for alleged fight in a night club

Lolo Jones won’t get sanctioned by USBSF for alleged fight in a night club

Lolo Jones has made the news alot recently, much of it being negative and this latest report isn’t that great either. It seems the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Foundation won’t sanction Jones for her role in an alleged nightclub fight with the stepdaughter of longtime bobsled fixture and hall-of-famer Tony Carlino.

It seems the two got into an argument in at the Boomers club in Lake Placid, NY. According to reports, the two ended up being separated by bouncers at the popular club and reports also claim that Jones, “knocked-out” the woman whose name hasn’t been released. 

According to the AP, Darrin Steele, the CEO of the USBSF didn’t believe Jones had violated any code of conduct rules:

“That could change if new information emerges, but I’m not expecting that to happen at this point,” Steele said late Tuesday. “It’s a good reminder of why our athletes need to avoid putting themselves in situations where things like this can happen.”

No police reports have been filed against Jones, and Carlino, who’s a hall-of-famer wants to move on:

“We all feel bad the situation happened and we want to put this behind us and focus on winning medals in Sochi,” Steele said.

I’m not sure how Jones will fair with the USBSF. Her recent comments about her salary and now this latest gaffe may be the turning point that gets her off the bobsled and back to the track.

My hope is that she finds her place in the sport she wants to compete in and is able to do it without all the drama.

What do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis


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