‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’: Houston Rockets fined by NBA

‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’:  Houston Rockets fined by NBA

According to USA Today Sports, sources within the NBA are saying that the NBA has fined the Houston Rockets $150,000 for talking about Dwight Howard during the free agency moratorium period.

When it was confirmed that the Rockets had signed Howard, the general manager Daryl Morey went on Twitter and TV in Houston and discussed it. That is against the moratorium which lasted from July 1-10th, Moratorium rules dictate that teams cannot complete deals or talk about deals reached during the specified time.

This is yet another fine for the Rockets. They were fined in June for a story on their website which discussed players still under contract with other teams that would be up for free agency.

A line in one of my favorite movies, Uptown Saturday Night is “loose lips sink ships” and I think it applies in Houston.

Let’s hope they do a better job of keeping a tight seal on what’s supposed to stay in-house.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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