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Louisville and Adidas selling Kevin Ware t-shirts for $25 each–but who gets the profits?

Louisville and Adidas selling Kevin Ware t-shirts for $25 each–but who gets the profits?

It took only about 48 hours for Louisville and Adidas to capitalize on Kevin Ware‘s injury and profit from his pain. They are putting out a Rise To The Occasionshirt featuring Ware’s number 5 shirt, but Ware won’t see any of the money.

In what they’re calling a  laughable “respectful tribute” the shirts will sell for $24.99 each. Louisville sensing the outrage from the public about the money they’d make, waived their royalty rights–money they’d make off each shirt sold. However, a portion of the proceeds  “benefit University of Louisville Athletics,” with the rest likely going directly to Adidas.

Kevin Ware shirt by Adidas

Kevin Ware shirt by Adidas

So why can’t any of the money go to Ware? Well, according to NCAA rules, student athletes–or amateurs, are not allowed to make money of the licensed apparel–but they don’t seem to mind letting them be the impetus for the profits. This brings up the longtime discussion of the millions of dollars schools rake in off the backs of their students. Beyond the scholarship, couldn’t money be set aside for these players once they graduate?

And what about Kevin Ware? What if he doesn’t get better? What if, ten years from now he has additional complications from this injury? Will Adidas step in an pay his medical bills?

I’m all for capitalism, but I think a hard discussion should be had around college athletes and their compensation from schools who continue to benefit from their talents. 

Jersey Girl Sports fam, what do you think?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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