Louisville board starts process to terminate coach Rick Pitino to avoid paying $44M buyout

by Angela Davis |@ladyadavis |@jerseygirlsport I'm not surprised by this news, but Louisville coach Rick Pitino is on his way out. The board voted to start the process to terminate him 'for cause' which includes not having to pay him his $42M.
from nbcsports.com The board requested of me and authorized me to initiate the process to terminate for cause, as defined in Coach Pitino’s employment contract,” Louisville’s interim President Greg Postel said after the meeting. Following an FBI crackdown into college basketball corruption last week, Pitino was placed on unpaid administrative leave after he was allegedly tied to a plan to bring McDonald’s All-American Brian Bowen to Louisville using $100,000 with cash coming from adidas executive Jim Gatto. While Pitino is not directly named in the FBI’s release, he is reportedly “Coach-2” in the FBI complaint. “Coach-2” is mentioned nine times in the report, including three phone calls with an adidas executive in the days leading up to Bowen’s commitment. Pitino told the Louisville Courier-Journal on Monday that he had “[zero] to do with it and I’ll be vindicated.”
I'm not surprised by this move. When the details of the investigation broke, I knew Pitino was going to be on the chopping block. Rumors of impropriety, scandal, bribes and NCAA violations have plagued this program for the past few years. Pitino maintains his innocence and served the university with a breach of contract notice. Well, this will be a battle roy-al! I'm not sure if Pitino has any future at Louisville, but not matter where he goes, he's not planning on leaving without his money. What do you think?

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