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Make Monday nights an ‘NFL and Chill’ night during the season

Make Monday nights an ‘NFL and Chill’ night during the season

By Angela Davis: @ladyadavis/@jerseygirlsports

Jersey Girl Sports fam the NFL season is upon us and if you and your significant other are hyped about the season and/or your favorite team, Monday nights can have a whole new meaning. How about an NFL and Chill night?

Yep! If you’re looking to add some new flavor to your marriage or dating life, football doesn’t have to get in the way. In fact, it can be a part of the whole experience! Gather your loved one, some snacks or food–and even a glass of wine (like I do) and enjoy the game together. Make some bets with some fun payoffs or challenge your knowledge of the game. Either way, you’ll be enjoying time with the one you love watching the game you love.

Contrary to popular opinion, football doesn’t have to separate couples. It can unit them. NFL and Chill is a great way to build connection and spend some quality time together.

How do you watch the game?

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