Manny Pacquiao Willing To Give Bigger Cut Of Money To Mayweather For A Fight

Manny Pacquaio says he's willing to give a bigger percentage of the purse to Floyd Mayweather to secure a fight. A fight between to two would make for the richest bout in boxing history, and while fans are clamoring for the battle of the century it seems the camps of the two are hung up in petty he-said-he-said drama which continues to stall the fight. Pacquiao seems ready to go. With concerns over Pacquiao's alleged drug use and suspcions about Mayweather, it's unlikely the two will ever meet in the ring. This statement by Pacquiao, however, now places the ball squarely in Mayweather's court. No longer can he complain about money. Pacquiao at least appears to want to fight Mayweather more than he wants the money. We just want them to fight --- or shut up about it. If Mayweather doesn't do it now, he just looks, as they say in Atlanta, "scurred". What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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