Matt Barnes tweets angry message about supporting teammates

Matt Barnes is angry about being ejected from last night's game. In a tweet he posted his feelings:
Matt Barnes tweet
Matt Barnes tweet
Matt Barnes is an emotional, aggressive player. While that may seem critical, it's actually necessary to be successful in the NBA. Basketball is, afterall, a contact sport. However, sometimes that aggression gets out of hand and spills out into altercations with players. Last night, it did. Matt Barnes was ejected from the game after shoving Serge Ibaka during the LA Clippers - OK City Thunder game. So, yeah. Athletes need to stay out of social media during their emotional outbursts. I'm sure Barnes will be issuing some sort of apology soon. Bigger than that, though is the notion that he's not going to stand up for or support his teammates. That attitude may not go over well in the locker room. Besides, he had a choice. He could have stayed in control. What do you think? Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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