Mavs Owner, Mark Cuban Wants Fans To Design New Uniforms

Are you a designer? Think you have what it takes to design an NBA uniform? Then NBA team owner Mark Cuban wants you. On Monday, Cuban announced in his blog that the Dallas Mavericks will be redesigning their team uniforms and he is asking for the fans help. Here’s an excerpt from his blog…
“The Mavs are going to re-do our uniforms for the 2015-16 season… if we get a unique and original design. What’s the best way to come up with creative ideas ? You ask for them. So we are going to crowd source the design and colors of our uniforms.   “You know what an NBA uniform looks like. You know what the Mavs colors are for today and the past.  We want some new ideas that stay true to our logo and at least close to our current color schemes. Show us what you got!”
All designs will be uploaded to his blog, but be aware that the minute you upload the images become the property of the Dallas Mavericks. For more information and complete details, click here to go to Cuban’s blog post. Good luck! Your Jersey Girlfriend, Marcelle English  

Author: Jersey Girl Sports

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