The Miami Dolphins have a new logo! The sleek new ‘dolphin”  was leaked today on for brief moment, but once it was out–it was out! It’s a bit early, but the team had plans on announcing it:

“We had always had a plan to kind of roll it out over a 30-day period so we’re going to start rolling it out. But the logo is only one part of the announcement. It’s a complete re-branding of the team,” team president Mike Dee admitted Wednesday after the logo briefly appeared on, about a month ahead of its official launch at draft time.

The white helmet with the ‘M’ for Miami that the Dolphins logo used to sport is gone. The sun also appears brighter and stronger.

New and old Dolphins logo

New and old Dolphins logo

I actually like this new logo. I think it’s sleek, energetic and more mature than the old logo. Part of rebranding is respecting the hear of the organization while being forward thinking:

“There’s a lot of history in this in that we went back to colors, the true aqua and the true orange that were part of the first 29 years of the franchise’s history,” Dee said. “But the logo design itself and some other things you’ll see respect that tradition in the past but also have an eye on the 21st century Dolphins.”

Sports is a business and rebranding is a smart move for many teams who are changing uniforms, names and yes, even logos. Perhaps this rebranding is the momentum the Dolphins need for a better season.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis