The Trayvon Martin case has sparked  a national outcry for justice and global support.  Trayvon Martin is the 17-year-old who was shot and killed in a Florida gated community by one of its residents.  Many athletes were initially silent about this case, until now.

The entire Miami Heat baskeball team took a picture in hoodies –the now, national symbol of support and demand for justice for Trayvon Martin. Marting was wearing a hoodie when he was gunned down.

LeBron James posted this pic via Twitter. According to CBS Sports: Dwayne Wade had started addressing the Trayvon Martin caseby retweeting comments from CNN commentator Roland Martin:

“You don’t think your voice matter? 1,354,645 have signed the petition demanding justice for Trayvon Martin,” Martin tweeted, which Wade retweeted. “But the Trayvon Martin case is NOT over. Keep pushing. Keep prodding. Keep planning. Keep protesting. Justice is not an overnight thing!”

I am in total support of justice for Trayvon Martin. It seems a young life was taken based on a lapse in judgment, a false sense of entitlement, and yes—racial profiling.

It seems that if he wearing  a hoodie with a basketball in his hand  makes him a talented rising star. However, walking through a neighborhood with that same hoodie, makes him a potential criminal.

LeBron said it best, “We are Trayvon Martin!”

Your JGF,

~Angela Davis