Michael Irvin tweets pic of himself as a young boy to prove his ashy lips have been a longtime issue

I guess Michael Irvin is tired of people talking about his ashy lips when he's on working as sports and NFL analyst. In fact he's so "over it" he actually tweeted a pic of him as a young boy saying that his ashy-ness has been an issue all his life:
Michael Irvin @michaelirvin88
So now all that messes with me about my lips on NFL#GAMEDAYMORNING. You can see it's been a problem all my #lifepic.twitter.com/zMG3vv2awT  
Ohhhh....K...so what have we learned here? Well, we now know he's had ashy lips his entire life. So, what now? Michael Irvin, please find the nearest jar of Vaseline. Your Jersey Girlfriend, ~Angela Davis

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