Only a couple of days after Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday, an Atlanta woman, Pamela Smith, came out of the blue with a paternity suit against Michal Jordan for a 16-year-old son that she claimed the NBA Great fathered.

According to The Associated Press, Smith withdrew her paternity suit, but left open the possibility that it could be refiled. Smith “stands by the facts alleged in her original filing,” Atlanta attorney Randall Kessler told The Associated Press on Monday.

Since the beginning of the ordeal Jordan has denied that he is the father. Jordan’s spokeswoman Estee Portnoy on Monday confirmed that Smith dismissed the paternity suit. Portnoy said there was no settlement or money paid to Smith. She said the lawsuit had no merit, in addition it states in Smith’s divorce filings that it was established that her ex-husband as the father.

Now there is a possibility that Smith will reopen the case, because she does have the right to do that, but at this stage it’s highly unlikely since there seems to be no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

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