It was the 1997 NBA Finals and Michael Jordan was at his best. He posted 38 points, seven rebounds and five assists against the Utah Jazz. That was one of his greatest performances, and he did that — all with a 103-degree fever. Amazing!

Well, it seems the shoes he wore during that impressive ‘flu game” are up for auction. Jordan signed those shoes and gave them to a ball boy. For the past 16 years those shoes have been with that ball boy and he’s now ready to sell them. He reached out to Grey Flannel Auctions to see what they could do:

“We were approached by the ball boy because of our affiliation with the Basketball Hall of Fame,” said Michael Russek, the auction house director. “He never looked to sell them before now. I think he realized that he was getting a little older and was more curious than anything to see if people still cared about the story.”


“He wants someone else to have them who can display them better, as they’ve sat in a safety deposit box for the last 15-plus years,” Russek added.

The auction begins on Nov. 18 and will be included in Grey Flannel’s holiday auction. I guess somebody would want his sweaty, smelly sneakers. I’d prefer a new, autographed pair that he’s never worn. I mean, I love Michael Jordan, but his smelly sneakers just don’t appeal to me.

How much would you pay for these sneakers?

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis