Michael Vick Gets His Wish To Retire a Falcon

by Marcelle English | Jersey Girl Sports | @jerseygirlsport Ask and you shall receive! Two weeks ago in an interview, former Atlanta Falcon, Michael Vick mentioned that he would like to retire an Atlanta Falcon. Today his wish came true. On Friday the Falcons' organization announced that it will not only honor Vick in an official retirement press conference and reception, but the team will also honor former wide receiver, Roddy White. “We consider all former Falcons to be Falcons for life, and part of our family,” team owner Arthur Blank said in a press statement. “Both men have made a huge impact on my family, our franchise and this city and we are thrilled to be able to honor both Roddy and Michael’s wishes to retire as Falcons, and celebrate their careers.” Usually to make this type of retirement happen, a player would need to sign a one-day contract. However, team owner, Arthur Blank says that won't be necessary. “We do not need a contract in place to consider them a part of our family and honor their decision to retire as a Falcon,” Blank said. As you remember, in 2007 Vick's career hit a snag when he was found guilty  of a federal dog fighting charge. After his stint in prison, Vick was able to come back and play with the Eagles, Steelers and Jets. On the other hand, White spent his entire 11-season career with the Falcons. Can't wait to see these guys on Monday.  

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