Minnesota Puts In Bid for Super Bowl LIII

The success of New York's cold weather Super Bowl has opened the flood gates for other cold weather cities to bid for the big game. According to the Associated Press, Minnesota's Super Bowl committee has submitted a preliminary bid to host the 2018 Super Bowl LIII game on February 4, 2018 . Some of the details included in the bid are 48 potential venues throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington for various activities. The NFL Experience, a football theme park set up at the Super Bowl site each year, would likely be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. A presentation will be made in front of the committee in Atlanta in mid-May. The other cities vying for Super Bowl LIII are New Orleans and Indianapolis. Really??? Minnesota???? I'm only going to Super Bowl if it's in warm weather. Your Jersey Girlfriend, Marcelle English  

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