MLB’s Clayton Kershaw Says ‘Show Me The Money’ and The Dodgers Did

One of my favorite movies is Jerry Marguire. There was nothing like the scene when Cuba Goding Jr., who plays an NFL tells Tom Crusie, who plays his agent, to "show me the money". There is not one person who can say that they have not use those four words, one in particular that I can bet did was Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Clayton Kershaw. The 25-year-old, two time NL Cy Young Award winner made history yesterday in the MLB after signing his new HUGE contract. Clayton has agreed to a $215 million, seven-year deal with the Dogders. The history part is that Clayton is now the highest paid player in baseball and is the first to make at least $30 million a year. Wow!!!! So that breaks down to about $8,863 per pitch for the next seven years. Who wouldn't want that...easy money. After stories like this, I'm always interested as to where the MLB gets their money? Just a simple question. Your Jersey Girlfriend, Marcelle English

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