More Shake Up At CBS ‘NFL Today’ As Bart Scott Joins Pregame Show

After the announcement of Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe leaving the CBS NFL pre-game show THE NFL TODAY and the addition of retired Atlanta Falcons' tight-end Tony Gonzalez, another former player is joining the team. After 11 seasons with the Baltimore Ravens Bart Scott will join the team of THE NFL TODAY this coming season.
“Bart joining THE NFL TODAY is a natural progression from his outstanding work during his first season on TOPS,” CBS chairman Sean McManus said in a statement.   “Bart brings a dynamic personality and unique perspective as a recently retired player providing strong opinions on all the hot-button issues on a weekly basis. We are confident he will continue to bring that perspective and those opinions to THE NFL TODAY.”
While I am a fan of these players individually, I can't wait to see what chemistry they have on-set. Your Jersey Girlfriend, Marcelle English  

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