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Muhammad Ali’s childhood home sold to a fan

Muhammad Ali’s childhood home sold to a fan

A fan of Muhammad Ali bought the legendary boxer’s childhood home. Las Vegas real estate investor Jared Weiss paid $70,000 for the small white house  in a western Louisville neighborhood.

The house is a historical landmark and while it is a bit dilapidated, there is a marker declaring it to be the home of Cassius Clay, his birth name.The marker also says Ali lived in the mostly black neighborhood with his parents and brother and attended local public schools.  It was at the home where the future boxing champion’s “values were instilled,” the marker says.

Louisville realtor Dave Lambrechts said the new owner wants to restore the property to the way it looked when Ali grew up in it, but has no plans to use it as rental property. He’s considering using it as a museum or for a charitable function.

Since the Ali family seemingly had no interest in the home, I’m glad a fan bought it to restore it to its original likeness.

I think it can only add to the legacy and greatness of one of America’s greatest boxing legends. I look foward to seeing the home once it’s renovated.

Your Jersey Girlfriend,

~Angela Davis

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