NASCAR took a nasty turn Sunday at Phoenix International Raceway when a fight broke out between drivers Jeff Gordon, Clint Bowyer and their pit crews. Gordon intentionally wrecked Bowyer as payback for earlier contact between the two on lap 305 while battling for fifth place.

“I’ve had problems with Bowyer all season and finally reached my limit” explained Gordon. (Fox Sports )

Really Jeff? That’s all you’ve got?

It’s disappointing and disturbing to see Jeff Gordon, a four-time NASCAR Champion feel justified in crashing into another driver with little disregard for safety.

Gordon has been fined $100,000, docked 25 points and put on probation until the end of the year for his actions . Crew Chief, Alan Gustafson has also been placed on probation and team owner Rick Hendrick had 25 car owner points deducted as punishment for the incident.

Sports bring out intense emotions and competition as drivers are encouraged to lay it all out on the line. Fans love action – the drama, fights and tension between drivers draw crowds and sets the stage for great rivalries, great battles and thrilling races.

Until a driver is injured…or worse.

The Sprint Cup Series is coming to a close next week at Homestead – Miami.  I hope that NASCAR realizes the importance of sending a strong message to drivers and consider suspensions. Under no circumstances should bad behavior that affects the safety of the sport be tolerated.

NASCAR is having an exciting season and next week will feature one of the more exciting finishes in the Chase for the Cup. Unfortunately, no one is talking about that and when the focus shifts away from the good things going on in the sport…nobody wins.