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NASCAR won’t penalize Joey Logano and Tony Stewart for fighting

NASCAR won’t penalize Joey Logano and Tony Stewart for fighting

After the fight between Tony Stewart and Joey Logano, you just KNEW fines were coming, right? WRONG! NASCAR has decided not to penalize Joey Logano and Tony Stewart for their fight after the Auto Club 400 Sprint Cup Series race on Sunday. NASCAR spokesman Kerry Tharp confirmed the decision on Twitter.

Kerry Tharp @Kerry_Tharp

 will issue no penalties from last weekend’s events at @ACSupdates

Well then, it seems NASCAR is allowing the fighting, and some fans don’t like it calling for punishment for Logano considering the injuries Hamlin sustained and the apparent lack of remorse from Logano when he told a FOX reporter shortly after the accident:
“He probably shouldn’t have done what he did last week (at Bristol), so that’s what he gets.”
Hamiln was released from the hospital Monday night and told USA Today:

 “I really went out of my way throughout the day to give the 22 room in a lot of different places. He raced me really hard for really the entire event and obviously other guys as well. At the end, I think he saw I was going to win and he wasn’t going to let that happen.”

The tension between Logano and Stewart is still simmering and the next race will be interesting.
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